About my ferns and other prints


Where they come from.....

The fern prints have been created by my determination to share the beauty of more than 18 variety of fern found in my garden, and by my crawling through the dirt and plants so that you can view them as they grow unobstructed and undisturbed. Because it takes takes years for some plants to reach maturity, I refuse to dig them up to photograph and use the method described herein.

How do I do that?

After I take a high res picture of a fern, I load it on my computer and enlarge it from 300 to 450% so that I can remove the background a pixel or two at a time, so that you only see the beautiful detail of the fern itself. I also "crawl through it on farms" to get the best animal pictures!

Where my work has been.....

My work has been shown at the Heyde Center for the Arts, The Eau Claire Regional Art Center, The Mabel Tainter Theater and Arts, Foreign Five, The Acoustic Cafe, The Eau Claire Regional Airport and the former From the VIne, Chippewa Frame and Art Gallery and Main Street MiCasa.  I am also a member of the Valley Art Gallery in downtown Chippewa Falls, WI.